Workday Meeting Minutes for October 19, 2013

104 Garden Workday Meeting Minutes Date: 10/19/13 Lead by Ann Levine – Steering Committee 1. Announcement of 2nd citation for rat infestation: Follow–up by Melissa Nichols from Green Thumb.  Discussed possible ways to reduce rodents in garden area: harassment–fill holes with dirt and/

Mystery Surrounding the New Queen Bee 

I wrote earlier that I hived a new queen bee on August 7 and released her a few days later, after the hive and she got acquainted. She took a little time to settle in but by August 23 she appeared to be laying eggs, which was confirmed five days later. There was a good age (size) rang

Revised Garden Workday Minutes for May 12, 2012

Dear Garden Members,   It is our sincerest intention to provide the most accurate minutes possible, but misquotes and other errors are likely to happen.  We are sure you can all appreciate how difficult it is to follow a fast paced, multi speaker and at times, highly charged meeting a

Happy Fourth of July!

As a reminder of upcoming events: July 4th  – 4th of July Potluck at the garden (If it doesn’t rain) starting at 1pm. Bring something and share with your fellow gardeners. July 11th (Next Wednesday) Working day 6pm to 8pm. July 14th  Join us! 2nd Flea Market of the Season.

Workday Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013 Workday Minutes [Craig led the meeting/workday for Katy in the garden] SC members in attendance (2) – Craig, Ann –Beekeeper Elaine Mathews gave a report on our bees. The hive is thriving, which signals that the bees like their queen. Bees are busy making honey (most

Composting Suspended Until Further Notice

Important! Starting on July 1st, 2013. The Compost Committee has decided to suspend all compost collection until further notice. Dear Friends of Compost: You have been too kind! And our compost program is a successful one. Because WE have more compostable materials now than we can cur

Hurricane Relief from FEMA

Most of us were very lucky: Manhattan Valley escaped Sandy’s wrath. But if you have friends or family who are struggling, this might be helpful. Federal Emergency Management Agency The Federal Emergency Management Agency has activated its transitional shelter program, which allo

Ways to help from boro prez, Scott Stringer

   How to Volunteer or Donate—Help NYC Recover from Hurricane Sandy  Dear Friend:As our City begins to recover from Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to share information about relief groups and other charitable organizations to which you can donate, if it’s difficult for you to personally of

Harvest Festival is Sunday, October 28

Our harvest festival is going to be celebrated this Sunday, Oct. 28th. From 1 to 4 pm. We will have games, food, music and prizes. We count with you and your family presence to make of this event a successful one. Also, the organizers will appreciate any generous contribution to the e

October 22 Workday Minutes

Minutes from October Workday Weeding: blackberries still need weeding and was scheduled as a workday task. Gazebo: did not find sandpaper so we will postpone sanding the floor for a makeup day. Path Update: Path can’t be finished without Frank’s tools. He is out of the cou