Reminders, Rules, Regulations

Some important reminders for all members, new and old:

  1. GARDEN MONITORING OPEN HOURS. To belong to the garden, you must monitor at least TWO times for three hours every season. Open hours to the public are required by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Please contact the head of the Monitoring Committee for your assignment, if you havent already signed up. Check the monitor schedule, posted on the sheds, for your obligatory shift. If you are unable to honor your three-hour shift, you must find another gardener to replace you and alert the monitoring committee of the change beforehand.
  2. COMMUNITY GARDEN WORKDAYS ARE SCHEDULED ONCE A MONTH. All members are expected to attend. If you cannot attend, you must contact the Steering Committee for work assignments. During drought periods, all gardeners are expected to help water communal beds.
  3. INDIVIDUAL BEDS ARE NUMBERED. Maps showing bed assignments will be posted on each shed and will also be distributed at the first general meeting. All beds that have not been worked on by May 31st are eligible for reassignment. Every effort will be made to contact you to before a transfer is made and reciprocally, if you cannot maintain your bed for some reason, let the Steering Committee know. All beds that have not been worked on by the June meeting will be re-assigned. If you cannot tend your bed for some reason, you must let the Steering Committee know. New and former members are assigned 4x4 beds, as available; additional space may be assigned, if available. Only the Steering Committee can assign beds. No member is allowed to assign, expand or create a new bed on his/her own.
  4. COMMITTEES. Members are required to participate in at least two committees (sign up on the application, marking your #1 and 2 choices.) Please note if you are willing to be the head of the committee. Committee heads only need to be on one committee, but are encouraged to join others. At the beginning of the season, get your committee assignments and contact the committee head to find out your duties. Committee membership should be proactive and communal; if something needs to be done, get others to join in and do it.


Governance: The garden will be governed by a Steering Committee of five to nine members who are elected annually. One will function as treasurer. Major garden decisions influencing the layout, design, planning and programming of the garden will be decided by the membership as a whole by simple majority. The Steering Committee will settle small disputes, call and conduct meetings, and oversee the allotment of individual plots.

Green Thumb: The Green Thumb coordinator and alternate will be elected annually.

Committee Membership: As a member/gardener, you must participate actively in two garden committees in addition to working in your own bed. A brief description outlines the primary duties of each committee.

Car Caravan

Cat Crew (** full year committee **)


Communal Flower Beds



Finance - New in 2011

Garbage Control

Herb Garden

Lawn Maintenance


Membership Coordinators

Monitor Coordinators

Rose Arbor

Special Events

Telephone Crew

Tree Pits/ Sidewalk

Water Barrel Filling

Website Maintenance

Individual Beds: Returning members must work their beds before May 31st to retain their plots. For upgraded (4'x8') or new (4'x4') beds, all members, new and old, must ask to be put on a waiting list. Plots will be assigned by the Steering Committee as they become available. Members who do not tend their beds will be asked to give them to or share them with other, more active members. Beds will be awarded, depending on the gardener's active participation in workdays and on committee projects as well as seniority.

Communal Gardens: Only members assigned to the communal beds may plant or remove plants. Others are encouraged to plant and work, provided they contact the Communal Gardens Committee heads. In times of drought, all members will be asked to help water the lawns and communal gardens.

Monthly meetings/workdays: Members are required to attend meetings/workdays held from March until November. If members cannot attend they must contact the Steering Committee for individual projects. Members who don't attend workdays, or who don't make alternate work plans with the committee members, may be asked to give up their beds.

Monitoring Open Garden Hours: As a community garden it is important that we provide residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our garden. Green Thumb and the Parks Department mandate that we host Open Garden Hours during the growing season. Members are required to monitor two Open Garden periods every season; failure to do so puts our Green Thumb support in jeopardy. Failure of a member to attend their monitoring hours may lead to loss of garden membership (see below).

Children/minors: All children under 16 must be accompanied by adults while in the garden. Parents are responsible for the actions in the garden of all minors under 18.

Pets: Leashed dogs and other pets, accompanied by their owners, will be permitted as long as they are neither destructive to property nor hostile to the garden community. The Steering Committee may restrict specific animals whose owners don't comply with these rules.

Events in the Garden: Special community events will be permitted in the garden with the consent of the Steering Committee when scheduled in advance.

Barbecuing: After using the barbecue grill, members are responsible for cleaning the patio area, removing all garbage, thoroughly cleaning all grills and disposing any ash and leftover briquettes before noon on the following day.

Drinking: Intoxication and/or disorderly conduct are not to be permitted in the garden.

Theft: Members are not permitted to pick from or weed individual beds assigned to other members. Unauthorized picking, pruning, or weeding in another member's bed may result in immediate loss of membership privileges.

Pesticide use is not permitted in individual or communal garden areas.

Expenditures: Garden purchases under $200 require advance permission by the Steering Committee. Purchases of $200 or more require a membership vote and approval. Receipts are required in either case and need to be presented to the Treasurer.


This system is similar to the drivers license policy: You accumulate points against you for breaking garden rules. Once you accumulate three points, you lose your garden plot for one full year and must reapply.

You will be penalized one point for each of the following infractions:

Planting, weeding or harvesting from, or otherwise tampering with, other members' beds without their explicit permission may lead to an immediate revocation of garden membership for one year.

The Steering Committee