Art in the Garden

The West 104th Street Community Garden is proud to support the arts in our community through hosting art installations, dance and music performances, plays and related events. We are an annual host of the Make Music New York Festival and have frequently collaborated with Anna Lise Jensen's A Lot Of Possibilities to host installations uniquely designed to take advantage of our outdoor public space. More details below and at

Our most Summer 2014 exhibit was Five Smooth Stones.

Five Smooth Stones Project
An Interactive Community Art Project

For three weeks during the summer of 2013, those visiting the West 104th Street garden had the opportunity to make some art. Participants included gardener, neighbors, and garden visitors including one dog. Participants were asked to arrange five smooth stones in a 4’ x 4’ wooden frame set on the ground, take a picture of the arrangement, and email the image to a project-specific address.

The images have been gathered and arranged in a digital quilt. Enjoy it and think.

What could you do with five smooth stones?
What can you create?

-- 1 Samuel 17:40

5 Smooth Stones: An Interactive Art Project

Download a copy (PDF)