About Our Bees

In May 2013, the West 104th Street Community Garden installed a beehive! Below are reports from our Beekeeper, Elaine Matthews, on the hive installation and integration of the new queen.

Any questions about the bees in the West 104th Street Community Garden can be directed to our beekeeper, Elaine Matthews, at ematthews0@yahoo.com

For more information about Beekeeping in NYC, contact the NYC Beekeepers Association.

Bee News

Bee Update

Dear Gardeners, The bees have become a problem. Saturday, we rejected West Garden locations and voted to put the hive on the stone path in the East Garden. On reflection, beekeeper Elaine concluded that this is not a viable location. The heat of the sun plus the retention of heat in t
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Queen Code 12012

It’s not a zip code, it’s the number of queen bees living in my hive at various times between May and October 2013.  The first queen (1) went into the new hive in May; five weeks later, a second queen was spotted in the hive but I didn’t know where she came from (12)
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Mystery Surrounding the New Queen Bee 

I wrote earlier that I hived a new queen bee on August 7 and released her a few days later, after the hive and she got acquainted. She took a little time to settle in but by August 23 she appeared to be laying eggs, which was confirmed five days later. There was a good age (size) rang
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Drama in a Small Space

The beehive kindly hosted by W. 104 St. Garden was installed on 11 May in the back of the east section of the garden. I started with 10,000 bees and a queen in a 10-frame hive box. The queen started laying eggs immediately, and the hive was more developed than I expected after only 2
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The Queen Gets to Work

I was able to inspect the hive on Saturday. Because of the bad weather that day, all the bees were inside which made it a little difficult to see things due to crowding. The bees were hived two weeks ago on 10 May. Despite a lot of cold and rainy weather since then, the hive is doing
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Installing the Hive

I hived the bees on Saturday – under somewhat challenging conditions. The downpour started just before it happened so we had to move the assembled hive into the gazebo where I continued the hiving. After the rain stopped, I moved the hive to its current location. Some bees remai
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