The West 104th Street Community Garden welcomes you to join our garden.

Your membership fee helps fund garden maintenance and the purchase of supplies, compost and other necessities. Your membership includes assignment of a 4X4' or 4X8' bed, on a first come first served basis. When beds are not available, you will be placed on a waiting list, but you will have full access to the garden and committee participation.

Your volunteer effort helps our garden grow. Developing and maintaining a community garden requires that all gardeners pitch in. We expect that if you are physically able you will help with simple construction, routine clean up and planting.

To receive and keep an individual bed, you must actively participate in the garden by attending general meetings, participating in decision making, supporting garden activities and maintaining your bed.

Every gardener is required to participate on two committees and must fulfill at least TWO (2) monitoring shifts, which are 3 hours each. Open hours are a requirement for our Green Thumb membership.

Additional requirements and regulations are listed in our Garden Rules.