Installing the Hive

I hived the bees on Saturday – under somewhat challenging conditions. The downpour started just before it happened so we had to move the assembled hive into the gazebo where I continued the hiving. After the rain stopped, I moved the hive to its current location.

Some bees remained flying around the gazebo after the hive was placed in its corner. Since they did not know the hive and therefore how to get to it, I spent another 2.5 hrs slowly collecting, and taking to the hive, as many gazebo bees as I could. I finally left at 8:15pm. I was told the next day by a member that there were some bees near the gazebo and some dead bees on a picnic table on Sunday morning but none were in evidence when I came around 3pm.

All seems to be OK with the hive. After checking with a gardener, I placed currently-unused fencing in front of the hive. As promised, I will be putting in a sturdier but movable fence as soon as I retrieve it from the country (this weekend at latest).

Garden members who stopped by, including the woman with the plot closest to the hive, welcomed and were interested in the bees which was great. I will be checking the hive about weekly while the bees get settled. I will provide materials about bees for the website as you requested. At some point this summer, it should be possible to have a little bee presentation and show the hive to visitors if that seems appropriate.

I thank you again for welcoming the introduction of the hive.

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