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The West 104th Street Garden hosts a number of events throughout the year for garden members and the community, including seasonal festivals, Mothers Day plant sale, potlucks and flea markets. We also host special events including the West Park Montessori's preschool graduation and Make Music NY. If you would like to inquire about hosting an event at the garden, please download our special events registration form (13Kb PDF) or contact us for details (events@west104garden.org)

A Winter Welcome to the Solstice --
The Celebration is Back!

Winter Solstice Celebration, December 18, 3:30-5pm

Solstice neighbors and gardeners and those of druidical inclination celebrated the winter solstice in the garden on Saturday, December 18. The Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) marks the shortest day of the year and the true beginning of winter. Many early cultures burnt trees and went nuts with dance and song. This was done in an effort to tease the sun back into showing more of itself so they could get back to planting, raising crops and probably griping about friends and family who weren't applying themselves enough in the fields.

That being said, we at the West 104th Street Garden, use this event for a means to a good time while showing some real concern for those who don't have food or fields and are likely not having a very good time at all.

Gardeners participated in:

Halloween Party

Our Annual Halloween Party held on Saturday, October 30, hosted assorted ghouls, goblins and other assorted neighbors for ghoulish fun!

The decorations were creepy, thanks to a small crew the previous Saturday. Parent volunteers were on hand to organize games, hand out prizes, and break down after the event.

Thanks to all who contributed candy and baked goods. Thanks also to La Perla Garden for organizing the Plant Pick-Up by wheel barrow for the "Grinches."

Sunday, Nov. 14th - Final Potluck meeting

Our final potluck meeting was held on November 14th at the Schneider Apts.

September 18, 2010: A Lot of Possibilities

Left: a part of Norbert Attard's installation. Right: while preparing garden installations, Norbert and garden members got news his work will be permanently installed at I-Park, CT http://www.i-park.org/.

A Lot of Possibilities, Fall edition, featured a presentation and discussion by artists on their work in New York City's community gardens.

A Lot of Possibilities is a project by artist Anna Lise Jensen that aims to place contemporary artists' work in New York City's community gardens, and to create a dialogue between artists, gardeners and city officials. The desire to turn these gardens into partial sculpture gardens is driven both by aesthetic sensibility as well as municipal strategy: by adding the layer of cultural site, the community gardens stand a greater chance against future demolition.

On Sep. 18th. some of the participating artists discussed their projects (implemented or in process,) including Norbert Francis Attard, Suzanne Broughel, Alyssa Casey, Jennifer Sitron, Petra Valentova and Virginia Vergara. Picnic food was provided for all with music performed by Valentova (the premiere of Jonathan Velardi's Flamingo Parade inspired by the W. 104th St. Garden and selected to be part of Pixel Pops in October) and Christopher Blacker played his torch song for the gardens.

From September 13th - 18th, Anna Lise Jensen tweeted on two artists, Norbert Francis Attard and Jennifer Sitron, discussing and installing their work in Manhattan Valley gardens. In addition, she will be updating on the search for an amenable garden wall-owner for Velardi’s 30 feet Flamingo Parade and visiting local cafes to set up a display area for prints and information on A Lot of Possibilities. The tweets will also announce daily sites for gatherings and food where interested parties are welcome.

For more information on A Lot of Possibilities, contact Anna Lise Jensen, aaaonyc@gmail.com 212 865-2108 www.SpaceAllOver.org or follow Annalise on Twitter at @SpaceAllOver.

See a slideshow of this event.

Aug 5, 7pm: Concert in the Garden

We got together for an evening of music on the East Garden Stage Thursday, Aug 5, featuring some home grown talent and some new friends!

Peach Pickin' Time

The Annual Peach Harvest was held on Sunday evening, July 25th starting at 6 pm. Teams of pickers gathered plenty of fruit for everyone, including a passerby from Georgia who insisted on sampling our wares to be sure they are up to Georgia snuff. We sure think so!

A Farming Concrete weigh station was in operation to record the harvest. The 180 pounds of peaches we collected will contribute mightily toward our federal grant weight goal!

Stay tuned for pictures!

"A Lot of Possibilities"--Anna Lise Jensen's Art in the Garden

Anna Lise Jensen presented an art event in the garden on June 25 as part of "A Lot of Possibilities," an annual exhibition at WinterSpace, NY. Anna's view from her Winterspace apartment of a communal garden inspired her to become a garden member in 1996, and to write about the gardens in New York City and the exhibit exists to create a dialogue between artists, gardeners and the city, in order to help preserve the gardens."

A Lot of Possibilities installation Reflection of the artwork on the garden wall

This year's exhibit featured David Barr's installation, "A Project (untitled) for the W. 104th. Street Garden"

"Walking by the garden, I noticed that one of the sole unbridled forces of nature at work was that of the sun. The project takes the form of seven segments of mirrors, together forming a circle. The mirrors are placed around the garden, scattering their light as the day waxes and wanes, coalescing at noon onto the bare, east wall. A big part of the idea of the project is that it is always there, regardless of whether or not someone is there to see it. This would allow for the individual discovery of the work of someone walking down the street at noon, the random garden relaxer or art-appreciating finch."
—David Barr

Anna Lise discusses the exhibit

"My desire to turn the communal gardens into partial sculpture gardens is driven by both aesthetic sensibility and municipal strategy: by adding the cultural capital of contemporary artists to the gardens, they stand a greater chance against future demolition."
—Anna Lise Jensen

View a slideshow

Visit Anna Lise's A Lot of Possibilities website.

Make Music New York

On MONDAY, June 21, 2010 the West 104th Street Garden hosted Make Music New York, a citywide celebration in community gardens, with live music.

Make Music NY, a performer Make Music NY: a fan

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Montessori School Graduation

THURSDAY, June 17, 2010 Montessori 'Graduation' , 8 AM - 12 Noon, Stage area. The kids put on a charming 'fly-up' ceremony, getting ready for kindergarten in the Fall.

First Meeting of 2010 Season -- Potluck brunch

SUNDAY, April 18, garden members came together for an opening meeting, favorite dishes to share! Agenda included Sign-ups for monitor shifts, applications for those who haven't yet renewed, new members; Treasurer's Report, Committee assignments, Green Thumb & Rainwater System plus an update on the Wall / Fence; work projects; Election of Steering & Green Thumb reps and committee reports.

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