Communal Gardens

Communal Bed – East and Communal Bed – West Committee Members plant and maintain the communal beds in the garden. Their tasks include soil improvement, maintaining borders, planting, watering, weeding and pruning the communal beds for the enjoyment of all garden members.

Only these gardeners, assigned to oversee communal beds, may plant or remove plants. Others are encouraged to assist in tending these beds, provided they contact the Communal Beds Committee heads for direction. In times of drought, all members will be asked to help water lawns and communal beds.

When an individual gardener is assigned and takes responsibility for a section of the communal bed(s), he/she is permitted to make aesthetic choices concerning the design of that bed and to maintain a living and well-managed garden.

If or when plant materials are no longer wanted in communal beds, every attempt shall be made to alert the membership to the availability of these materials for transplant, prior to their removal from existing beds.